The Cocktail Lounge

inconspicuously located above street level, and situated in the heart of manuka, our nationally acclaimed cocktail lounge offers true enthusiasm and dedication to the art of cocktail making

slipping into the cocktail mode at the julep lounge is almost like stepping back in time to an era when the gents would retire to the library for a cigar and a drop of cognac after dinner. the bar resembles that of a intimate library and even displays rare and classic cocktail books on the back bar. the seating is a combination of antique and new with chaise lounges and deep armchairs dotted around the small bar.

boasting several classic cocktails from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the cocktail lounge is a place to unwind and relax. enjoy the “real georgia julep”, a drink dating as far back as 1750 and is our signature cocktail; or try a “blueblazer”, invented by professor jerry thomas in 1850. but no matter what drink it is that you sip on, you’ll be sure to be amazed. providing tapas food all day and night til late. what better way to relax than to sip on a cocktail while enjoying taste tantalising tapas food.

and after six months of trading, the julep lounge has received national accolades, as a national finalist for Australian Bartender Magazine’s “Cocktail List Of The Year”, while owner David Nguyen-Luu has put his stamp down being amongst the top ten bartenders in Australia as a finalist in the “Bartender Of The Year” for 2005, and winning the Suntory 2005 Trans Tasman Cocktail Challenge between Australia and New Zealand.

so call in and have a look for yourself for a true cocktail experience – the julep lounge experience.

january cocktail of the month:

“between the sheets”

– a 1930’s classic

hennessy vs cognac, cointreau, matusalem platino rum, fresh lime juice, &sugar syrup

shake all ingredients with ice and double strain into a martin glass. garnish with lime zest

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